We are engaged in offering premium quality Yellow Corn to the clients. Yellow Corn is used for both human consumption or as animal feed. Organic ways of farming are used for the cultivation of Yellow Corn. The Yellow Corn offered by us has low moisture content and is free from insects, gravels, and other foreign material. We offer sweet flavored and extremely nutritional Yellow Corn in bulk at fair prices.

We are the leading Exporter of fresh vegetables and Bitter Gourd is one of our extensively exported products. These Bitter Gourds are grown in utmost hygienic conditions with natural manures, thus these are high in nutritional values. We can meet the export demands of any size and cater the product in the packaging of 5kg bags.

Fresh ginger is known for its aromatic, spicy, and pungent flavor. It has a special flavor and enhances the taste of many dishes. It is popularly used in Indian and Asian cuisines. Ginger is known for its healing properties. It facilitates digestion. It clears a sore throat and nose congestion. Our variety of ginger is freshly plucked and packed in tamper-proof packaging to prevent degradation.

Fresh Curry Leaves offered by us are an excellent addition to many dishes due to their strong characteristic aroma. The Fresh Curry Leaves made available by us are free from rotting or any damage. Grown using natural manure, the Fresh Curry Leaves are provided in suitable packaging to maintain the quality in handling and delivery.
2.5kg (PP)
4kg (Thermacol)

We offer Fresh Coriander Leaves to the clients. Coriander Leaves are widely used across the globe for garnishing different types of dishes. These Coriander Leaves have a pleasant aroma that will surely add flavor to the food. Moreover, the Coriander Leaves offered by us can stay fresh for long durations of time.

The Byadagi chillies are yet another highly popular types of red chillies of India. They are similar to paprika and are largely used in the Maharashtrian Goda Masala. These chillies, with its characteristic bright red colour, long structure, and thin and crinkly exterior, are comparatively less pungent.

Hot, pungent and peppery – the Indian Green Chili Peppers lend an intense heat to the food and are an essential addition in many finger licking Indian dishes. Green chillies are used widely in Indian cooking, both as a key spicing ingredient as well as for tempering.

Tomatoes are ubiquitous in the American diet. They appear in sauces, salads, juices, soups, and elsewhere. Their prevalence is good news; tomatoes are healthful as well as tasty and versatile. They are especially lauded for their cardiovascular benefits.

The pods of the Drumstick or Moringa tree are generally long, smooth-skinned, dark green in color, and three-sided. Drumstick exporters in India export tonnes of Drumsticks every year to different countries in the world. Drumsticks can be used in many recipes and are known for their nutritional qualities. This may be one of the reasons why Drumstick export from India has increased. The Drumstick import from India is now a growing business opportunity.